No. The record of the case will still be visible to law enforcement, the courts, and the government. It will also be visible in certain types of background checks, but the record will show that the case was dismissed.

Yes. If relief under PC §1203.4 (commonly called “expungement”) is granted, then it becomes “legally true” to tell a private employer that you were not convicted or arrested for the charged offense.

Unfortunately, no. Anyone with an open case or who is on probation is not eligible for relief under PC §1203.4 (commonly called “expungement”). However, you may be eligible after the new case is over.

Maybe. Employers in California may extend an employment offer before they run a background check. If they see a conviction, they could rescind the offer. However, in cases where the prospective employee has been granted relief under PC §1203.4 (commonly called “expungement”), if the case is visible on a background check, it will show as having been dismissed.

It depends on the allegation for which you were arrested. If you were arrested for a misdemeanor in California, the prosecuting agency has up to one year to file charges. If, after that year, they have not filed charges against you, you are then eligible to petition the court to seal your arrest record. In felony cases, it may be as little as three years. You will not be eligible while the prosecutor can still file charges.

No, but it sure is easier when you have one. The petitions and procedures can be complicated. One mistake could send you to the back of the line to start all over or, worse yet, could ruin your chances at success. A record clearing lawyer will know the process and procedure to get it done right the first time.

No problem. Your lawyer will gather everything necessary to make sure the petition and documents are complete and ready when submitted.

No. The whole idea behind sealing juvenile records is to prevent them from being visible. The courts and government can still access the records, but they will be effectively invisible to the general public.

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